Krav Maga Institute

Krav Maga Institute

Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, California with several locations and affiliates throughout the US and Israel, Krav Maga Institute training centers offer self defense, fitness, applied tactics, and instructor training.

Professionally, KMI is a leader in self defense with genuine Israeli Krav Maga, and uses its expertise in military and law enforcement training to provide a complete tactical training solution. KMI also developed custom fitness systems to complement both civilian self defense and professional security needs. KMI wishes to advance the standards of Krav Maga as a globally respected self defense system by providing high quality Krav Maga instructor certification and Krav Maga affiliate programs.

Krav Maga Institute has locations in Santa Clara, CA; San Francisco, CA; Oakland, CA; Haifa, Israel; with affiliates in Fort Collins, CO; and New York City.

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Classes and Instruction: Boot Camp, TRX Training, Boxing, Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts

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